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My name is Mohd Fhaizal bin Radzi. I am the head of Frenskedah Photography. I am highly interested in photography and it is part of my hobby to produce good picture in all genre of photography. But my really interest is in Lanscape Photography. Sometimes I do single exposure shoot and sometimes I make pseudo HDR pictures.  Photography is my part time job and I do it often to fill my leasure time. You all can visit my Facebook to know more about me :-).

Frenskedah Photography has been operated since 2010 to meet the current demand in wedding photography especially in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak and northern area such as pulau pinang (penang), kedah, perlis and Langkawi. It is our pleasure to give a best services to our customer. Our price is comparable with other photographers but we give more than you would imagine ;-).

Nowdays, Frenskedah photography only has ONE official Photographer and I am trying to keep up with a current trend in photography. Frenskedah photography has establised ilham creative studio in Perlis. The studio focus on commercial, corporate, portraiture, wedding and product shoot.

Due to the lack of members, Frenskedah Photography only concentrate in Photography rather than videography. But we will do more in videography in the future..

Our vision is to be the best Wedding Photographer Utara in Peninsular Malaysia. Frenskedah Photography has developed a new page “Frenskedahphotography Masterpiece” to show public more collection of beautiful pictures.

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  1. Nordin Abdullah

    Kedah International Photography Awards (KIPA)

    We are organising the Kedah International Photography Awards (KIPA) between now and the end of the year, I would like to know who to contact in your organisation to discuss a dedicated photo outing to Kedah in conjunction with the Awards, especially our photo trails.
    One of the goals of these awards is to make photographers aware of some of the great places to shoot in Kedah, this is especially true for wedding photographers.

    For more information please check out http://www.KIPA.my and click the following link to download our full information kit or search on our hashtag #experiencekedah

    Best regards,

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